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 It's that time of month!

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Owner & Founder

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PostSubject: It's that time of month!   Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:54 pm

Domain Problem's

Domain Problem's having bin happening. We are going to have some domain's that you may use if the forum's are not working.

1. Http://www.rune-x.0forum.biz (Stock Domain)
2. Http://www.rune-x.com (Donated from Ryan)
3. Http://www.rune-x.co.uk (Coming Soon)
4. http://forum.rune-x.co.uk (Donated by a friend)

GFX Logo Contest!

It is that time of month again. We are going to give everyone another chance to send in there Logo GFX. Wee need them to be 850 x 105.

Send in all your Logo GFX to "Tyler_35@hotmail.com", we will have a vote in 1 week.


Remeber to vote! We need to get big fast! Voting is a easy way to do it!! Click the picture bellow.

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It's that time of month!
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