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 RuneScape Quest Guides: The Golem [Members]

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PostSubject: RuneScape Quest Guides: The Golem [Members]   Wed Nov 26, 2008 10:17 pm

The Golem

4 Soft Clay, Pestal and Mortar, Vial, Papyrus (Tai Bwo Wannai Jungle Store) and 1000 gp for desert gear (Desert clothes, waterskins and shanty passes) Skills:
25 Thieving and 20 Crafting
Recommend items:
Hammer and Chisel for an extra reward, teleport runes and Glory Amulet

Before you can start the quest you'll have to go to Shanty Pass, take your desert equipment (desert clothes, shanty pass and waterskins). Go through Shanty Pass and walk to the east to the Ruins of Uzer.

At the Ruins of Uzer talk to Broken clay golem to start the quest. You'll have to repair the golem, so use four soft clay on him and then talk to him again. You'll have to help him kill a demon.

Pick up the letter just to the west, read it. Go to the west go down the stairs to take a look (it's required to just look around here).

Getting back the statuette

Now go to the Digsite (east of Varrock), go to the northeast part of the Digsite and talk to Elissa . She'll tell you the notes are in the Exam Center.

Go to the south to the Exam Center and search the bookcases until you find Varmen's expedition notes. Read the book.

Now go to the Varrock Museum (north of Varrock east bank) and talk to the Curator Haig Halen. Ask him about a statuette recovered from the city of Uzer, you won't give you the statuette. Pickpocket the Curator to get a tiny key.

Go upstairs and open display case 30 to steal the statuette (first row, the one before the last display case).

Returning the statuette

Now go back to Shanty Pass, go through the pass and walk to the east in the direction of the Ruins of Uzer but when you crossed the two bridges (over the River Elid) move directly north until you see a Desert Phoenix . Grab a feather from the Desert Phoenix (it's just like stealing it might take a few tries and you could get hit).

Go to the Ruins of Uzer and go down the stairs. Continue to the central room with the statuettes. Place the statuette in the empty alcove.

You'll have to turn the statuettes on the east side to the right and on the west side to the left (see the chatbox for which directions they are turned to). The door will open, go through the door.

Examine the skeleton to the right to find out that the Demon is dead.

Tip: If you have a hammer and a chisel with you then you can get six gems by cutting the throne to the north.

Head back through the portal, go to the room to the west and pick up the strange implement. Go upstairs and talk to the Clay Golem. It seems the Clay Golem can't believe you so, it seems he's programmed and you'll have to rewrite the program to let him know his task is complete.

Pick a black mushroom from the black mushrooms at the stairs and grind it up with your pestel and mortar to make black mushroom ink (make sure you have an empty vial in your inventory or you'll just waste the black mushroom). Then use your phoenix feather with the black mushroom ink, then use the phoenix quill pen with the papyrus. You'll write 'YOUR TASK IS COMPLETE' on the papyrus.

Go back to the clay golem and use the strange implement with him, then use the golem program on him.

Quest Completed!


1000 Crafting and 1000 Thieving exp Quest points:
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RuneScape Quest Guides: The Golem [Members]
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