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PostSubject: OFFICIAL SECTION RULES - READ BEFORE POSTING   Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:23 pm

This section has been lacking an official rule set for quite some time, and I've been thinking about throwing one in, so here it is (Rog3r reminded me earlier to get to it ):

There's going to be a new rule added, to settle the confusion, and to allow something new for once. Here they are:

1) All content posted must be yours and yours ONLY! If broken, a punishment will be given depending on the material posted and the situation at hand. People helping out here and there is, of course, allowed, as long as the majority of the project belongs to you. There is an exception though: if it was a team project it is okay for all members to own credit and to be posted only if credit is given where credit is due.

2) Do NOT post harmful content! No viruses, malware, or spyware are allowed on this forum! If you are caught, be expecting a mute at the least. Depending on the infection and previous offenses, you may or may not be punished with a permanent ban from these forums.

3) Do NOT post scans for viruses and other malware. Firstly, when the topic creator posts his/her own scan, it shows that they're usually IS an infection in the download. Common sense there. Secondly, you should have your own scanner by now, and you could use that if you'd really like. But most importantly, virus scanners do not pick up harmful content in source code! Java is also a binary language when compiled, and the scanner will usually not pick anything up when it scans over the compiled output.

4) NEW RULE: NON-SERVER & NON-CLIENT DOWNLOADS ARE ALLOWED (e.g. tools)! This has never been allowed before, but hey, we decided to give it a go. The tool posted must follow all rules and have an appropriate connection to RS2 private servers. If rules start to get broken and content gets out of hand, this rule will be revoked, and no longer will we allow non-server/non-client material to be posted.

5) No Requests Rather straightforward - don't post a topic requesting a certain source download link to be given to you. Use your resources such as the search button to your advantage. Doing so will result in a warning or moderation.

6) No *.bat / list files PERIOD! There are stupid and a waste of time to bother with. Learn to program with a real language. If you're beatiful server includes one of these in the topic itself (if its included in the download its okay) then it'll be locked and you'll be punished. Forgot to mention, they only work on Windows, too. Also lists aren't really a download as it is usually a text file with some scribbles in it. The official Moparscape client already has a list. USE IT!

7) Don't post download lists! These are a waste of your time. If someone wants a source, they can use the search button.

Having topic titles involving "About to remove" , "Post or ill remove", or something similar will result in a lock and a warn/mute.
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