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 GFX Terms

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PostSubject: GFX Terms   Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:25 pm

Render- A pre-cut image from a wallpaper or other image commonly used in signatures.
Stock- Any un-cut image. Such as photography or a wallpaper.
Sprite- A render of a pixilized character. Such as ASH from the gameboy pokemon or Ryu from the SNES Street Fighter. Can be any pixelized character.
Blending- How well the Render has been fitted/matched with the background. Also how the edges of the render flow into the background.
Flow- The overall direction of the sig.
Chaotic- Too much is going on in the Signature and it is very hard to make out.
/Vomit- A bad sig rating
Brush- A downloaded brush from another site commonly used to make sigs. It is used as a tool to create backgrounds.
Brightness/Contrast- Change the settings of your brightness and contrast in your monitor......... notice the difference thats what its referring to. When its over contrasted it means that your contrast is way overboard and it has too much excessive dark spots/black or white light spots.
C4D- An abstract render made in a program called Cinema 4D, also commonly used in sigs.
Whored- Excessive usage of a very beginner tool or such.
Pack- A collection of stuff.
Font- A different style of text.
Pixel Stretch- A simple sig technique using 1px by "x[vertical wise" of an image and stretching it across the width of the sig.
Blurred-Blurring duh....you know when it gets fuzzy. It's used for adding depth.

Post anything I forgot or any further questions
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GFX Terms
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