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 GFX Rules

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Owner & Founder

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PostSubject: GFX Rules   Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:26 pm

The rules are:
1. No ripping. Ripping will result in a ban, possibly permanent by IP :O!

2. Post stuff in the right section.
-> To have your work rated, post under GFX Showcase.
-> To buy or sell images, post under the Signature and GFX Sales. <- Requests and 'Services' are also posted here
-> To post or request a tutorial, post under Tutorials and Advice.
-> To receive help post in GFX Help.

3. Be nice and don't post "Oh mi gawd that sig just blowzzzz". If you're going to say you don't like it, then post why and how they can improve it. Threads requesting a rating will be locked and the creator warned, or the thread deleted. Any posts in a thread with something like:




These kinds of replies will recieve a warning, then an infraction on multiple offences.

4. No porn/nudity/hentai, bikinis are allowed

5. Dont post stupid stuff. For example dont make a topic saying "OMFG AWESOME NEW SIG!!!@" and posting some shitty thing you did in Paint.
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GFX Rules
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