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 How To Request A Signature.

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PostSubject: How To Request A Signature.   Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:27 pm

When you are starting a signature request thread, be sure to use the following format:

Text -

Font -

Colors -

Style -

Border -

Animation -

Dislikes -

Simply cut and paste the code above and fill out each line with the applicable information:

1. Text - what do you want the sig to say? Name, catch phrase, motto, clan tags, clan name...

2. Font - what kind of font would you like? Fancy, sharp, jagged, techno, grunge, etc...

3. Colors - what colors would you like to see incorporated into your sig? Colors in the font, background, foreground

4. Style - how do you want the sig to look? Try to give a detailed description of the mood or style you want your sig to have... creepy, bloody, techno, futuristic, army, fantasy, etc...

5. Border - do you want a border on or not?

6. Animation - do you want one or not? If you want an animation, how do you want your sig animated? Slide in from right, slide in from left, diaganol, etc...

7. Dislikes - what you don't want on your sig...please give us information as to what you would not like to see put into your sig...this can be colors images anything...

By following the above guidelines, you will ensure that the designers know what you want in your signature so that your request will be filled out in a timely fashion.
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How To Request A Signature.
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