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 Rules for the Dispute Forum

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PostSubject: Rules for the Dispute Forum   Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:08 pm

This forum is for disputes for Rune-X. Please do not post your Runescape disputes here, since we aren't affiliated with Jagex.

1. You are entitled to express your opinion about a ban and/or a decision made inside this forum, however whether you express it in a mature, respectable fashion will determine whether you get a respectable answer.

2. You must dispute your ban/infraction within one month it was given. After one month, the ban/infraction will not be reversed.

3. All decisions that are made by staff are final.

4. Do not try and use the excuse "it was not on the rules page," as the moderators have the right to ban you if they see fit. The rules list is not final. It can be edited any time, without notice.

5. Only post ONE dispute for your ban/infraction. If your thread is locked, do not create another one.

6. Post as a guest if your account is banned. If you are IP banned, please ask a friend to make a dispute for you.

7. You are responsible for your IP address, and if there's a banned account on your IP, you are liable to be banned for ban evading. We can't do anything about this.
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Rules for the Dispute Forum
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