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 Sam's **FREE** Runescape Guides! Quest: Black Knight's Fortress

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PostSubject: Sam's **FREE** Runescape Guides! Quest: Black Knight's Fortress   Fri Nov 21, 2008 7:08 am

Black Knights Fortress

Quest Difficulty: Medium

Quest Type: Free

Starting Location: Third floor of White Knight's Castle in Falador

Reward: 2500gp and 3 Quest Points

Black Knight's Fortress Runescape Quest Walkthrough:
Talk to Sir Amik Varze. He will tell you that the Black Knights are scheming to destroy the White Knights, but he needs to find out what their plan is. He will ask you to spy on the Black Knights. Say yes.

Gather all of your materials and head out to the Black Knight's Fortress (North of Dwaren Mine Entrance). If you do not have the cabbage yet, go the back of the monastery on your way and get one.

Go into the Black Knight's Fortress through the sturdy door on the south side of the fortress. Push the wall that is just north of the door and go up the ladder, and then go up two more ladders. You are now on top of the fortress. Go down the ladder on the southeast side. Open the door to the east. Open the next door and go up the ladder. Go down the east ladder into a room with a Zamorak Altar. Open the door and the Black Knight there will attack you; either run away or kill him. Climb the southwest ladder.

Here are some screenshots to help you out. Just follow them to get to the grill:

Ok, now walk to the grill on the wall and click Listen-at Grill. The witch will say that her secret weapon is almost ready; it only needs on more ingredient: a cabbage grown at Draynor Manor. Thats why you picked a cabbage from the monastery. If the wrong cabbage is used, the secret weapon will be ruined.

Now go all the way back to the beginning where you first walked in the fortress, before pushing in the wall. Go to the east and open the door there. The guard will say there is an important meeting going on, but go in anyway. Either run from the Knights or kill them. Go up the ladder. Walk east and south, and then push the wall. There should be a hole in the floor. Use your cabbage on the hole. Make sure not to accidentially eat the cabbage. The cabbage falls into the cauldron and destroys the secret weapon.

Go back to Sir Amik Varze and talk to him. He will give you your reward.
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Sam's **FREE** Runescape Guides! Quest: Black Knight's Fortress
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