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PostSubject: CALL OF DUTY:WORLD AT WAR   Sat Nov 22, 2008 2:34 pm

Call Of Duty World At War?

Last year, Infinity Ward developed Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for practically every major gaming platform. That development team put together a first-person shooter that went beyond an excellent single-player campaign; the beefed up RPG-like multiplayer content made CoD 4 an instant fan favorite and a truly bar-setting title. That title was so good many gamers were scared that, because the franchise was returning to Treyarch, Call of Duty: World at War couldn't possibly live up to its revolutionary predecessor.

Where And Who Is Fighting?

Moreover, Treyarch was going to bring the series back to World War II, an era so often used it has become cliché. However, in the face of these seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Treyarch has pulled off the impossible; they've created a game that is every bit as good as Call of Duty 4. The only minor complaint I can muster is that, by sticking to the Infinity Ward formula, they have brought little new to the title other than the distinct atmosphere and better enemy A.I. Nevertheless, the refined solo campaign, perfect cooperative offering, and engrossing competitive multiplayer action makes this title a candidate for shooter of the year.

Gameplay in World at War is made up of three distinct parts: Solo Campaign, Cooperative, and Multiplayer. Each of them is outstanding and truly worth your attention. The Solo Campaign takes place during WWII. Players will take on the roles of Pvt. Miller (U.S. Marines) and Pvt. Petrenko (Soviet Red Army) and fight in disparate theatres of war: the campaign in the Pacific against the Japanese Imperial Army and the one in Eastern Europe in the defense of 'Mother Russia' from the Nazi invasion. Jumping back and forth between the two theatres not only keeps the gameplay very fresh, but also provides players with very different terrain to do battle in, distinct enemy A.I. behavior, and even a couple of differing perspectives from which the story is told.


The Solo Campaign is marked by meaningful, story-driven, realistic objectives, a host of interesting battlefields, enemy behavior that challenges a wide range of shooter skills, and tons of era-appropriate weaponry. I loved clearing out Japanese mortar emplacements with my Garand and flamethrower, struggling to make my way up an ambush-laden river bed, picking off the cowardly Nazi Colonel with my sharpshooting prowess, and literally steamrolling through enemy lines with my Russian tank. Players will constantly be thrown into interesting scenarios that provide for an exciting array of battle tactics.

Graphic Details?

Here Are Some Screened Pictures...

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