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 Runescape Guide: Agility

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PostSubject: Runescape Guide: Agility   Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:59 pm

==Runescape Agility Skill== Agility is a very important skill in the member's world. A lot of weapon-wielding depends on this skill. Agility skill shows how agile you are, or how easy you can move. It helps you clear dangerous obstacles, which grants you access to new, unreachable areas and shortcuts. Agility is also used to recover energy spent while running. If your agility level is high, you will regain energy quicker. When you are training agility, it is recommended you keep your weight to a minimum, because it CAN affect you when you pass dangerous objects. The Agility Training Arena is located west of the Mage Arena (up in the wilderness).

The best and only place to train agility at first is the gnome agility arena. Do this until Lvl 25 and then proceed to other arenas. Agility is very important for shortcuts. You can save lots of time by taking shortcuts. Note: You can also play gnomeball from Lvl 1. Gnomeball also gives a small amount of ranging experience.

Other Way to Train:
Level 1-20: The best place to train at this level is about the only place. The gnome stronghold agility course is great for training at level 1. You can't fail any of the obstacles and get around 80 experience for doing the whole thing.
Level 20-52: At this level you can begin to do more of the obstacles of the agility dungeon on Lrimhaven. You still can't do two other obstacles till level 40 but it is still a good place to train. This is a good place to train agility but you can fail everything but one obstacle. In order to play you must have 200gp in your inventory. It is also recommended to have lots of food (lobster or higher) and no armour when going in. Armour will just make you run out of energy faster and you need food because you don't want to die with all those tickets. When you go in, the upper right corner of your screen will have two long boxes. The top one will be red at this moment. If you look into your mini-map, you will see a arrow pointing in a given direction. What you do is follow that arrow through the obstacles and eventually you will come to a small round pillar with a flashing yellow arrow over it. Click the pillar and it will say to tag the next pillar to get a ticket. Eventually the arrow will move to another pillar and you must find it again going through all the obstacles. At this point, the little red box in your upper right part of the screen will be green. This means that you will get a ticket when you tag another pillar. If you don't make it to the pillar in time the arrow will move and the green box will turn red again and you will have to start over again. But if you do make it in time, you will will get a ticket when you tag the pillar. Keep doing this till you have about 10 or more and go exchange them. To do this go to the far north east corner of the arena to get to the ladder. When you get above, you can exchange your tickets for experience by one of the people in the hut. At level 30 level you can either move onto the agility pyramid, which is locater in the far souther part of the desert. I personally staid at this place until level 52 agility!
Level 52-99 The best place (in my opinion) to train agility is the wilderness agility course. It is fairly simple and gives a lot of experience. You can fail on three of the four obstacles and they can hurt a lot. So bring lots of food and probably nothing else. You might want to bring Teleportation runes because some pkers might still hang around there. Now you can try other courses if you like( there are still some I haven't tried yet) but until that level, this is the best place.
Once you reach 70 agility it is highly recommended you train at ape atoll agility course for you will rarely fail,and at lvl 75 agility you wont fail at all!This is the best place to train for xp until lvl 99 agility.
How do you find your agility level?

Go to the skills tab noted by a graph while playing the game.
Go down to the picture of a running stick person in the second column on the second row.
Your level will be ?/? with the question marks replaced by numbers.
What is this: ?/?

The first number in the sequence is what your level is at at the moment. It can be increased by drinking a potion such as an agility potion, which adds three to your level. The second number is what you have trained the skill to be and is the number that the skill would be without any potions.
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PostSubject: Re: Runescape Guide: Agility   Sun Nov 23, 2008 12:32 am

good guide, i like the fact that you explained everything you were writing about, 8/10

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Runescape Guide: Agility
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